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Freeware used for dph and other resource sites

The choice of freeware forms an integral part of the dph philosophy.

The freeware database management is BaseDeFiches

BaseDeFiches freeware was developed by Exemole ( This tool allows information to be entered. The information can then be used in different ways: Web sites, paper or electronic files, cd-roms,…

How it works: information is entered into sheets linked to several key words as specified and created according to the planned use of the software: thematic, geographical, name of department, project in question…

For additional information:

dph uses this software to store and organise all 7,500 sheets (experiential, analysis of works read, definition of notions, presentation of associations..) as well as for its files..

A search engine : Scrutari

This software has been developed by Exemole ( It is a search engine that allows searches in the file base, as well as in other d-bases, as it has been developed so that it operates independently of BaseDeFiches.

Scrutari enables information searches to be carried out and uses the search criteria in the software to index the contents in terms of key words as well as weighting the search results according to what information is found.

To download the software:
The « search tab» situated on the top right-hand side of the dph site uses this software to carry out searches in the database.

By entering one or more words, the software first selects terms by the key words, then by titles and finally by sheets
In order to give only the most relevant results, the software does not carry out searches in text per se. therefore if the expression is contained only in the text of a sheet, this sheet will not show up in the results found.

An Internet publishing system: SPIP

“SPIP is a publishing system for the Internet. It consists of a bundle of files, installed in your web account and allowing you to take advantage of a number of automated tasks: multi-user management, laying out your articles without the need to use HTML, easily modifying the structure of your site… From the very same application used to browse a site (Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera...), SPIP enables you to build and update a site, thanks to a very simple user interface ». For additional information :

dph uses SPIP for part of its Website.

Software that maps the presentation of data: Desmodo

This «concept mapping software aimed at transversal analysis » has been developed by Exemole ( It enables information, experience, analysis… to be viewed as a coherent interconnected whole, and allows Internauts to navigate using mapping techniques. This approach facilitates the grasping of connections between concepts.

Examples of uses for this software: minutes of meetings, symposiums or congresses, work-shops ; mapping of thesaurus.

When exploring a field or a given problem, Internauts can view the structure resulting from choices made according to a given understanding of a theme and according to strategic axes.

To download the software:

The use of this software to create an atlas of relationships within the framework of dph forms the structure and links key words of our thesaurus.

The organisation and interconnection of concepts in dph is under construction… and will soon be available.


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