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dph is member of the Coredem

dialogues, proposals, stories for global citizenship

Project management

dph is supported by the FPH, the Charles Leopold Meyer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind. Moderation and management are carried out by a Ritimo / dph team that is responsible for site improvement, communication with contributors, support in structuring information provided by partners as well as follow-up of work on a joint conceptual atlas, which is based on all the sites linked by a Charter. This atlas is currently being created by a work group of partners who are directly involved in the project.

The FPH and the Ritimo / dph team take editorial responsibility for dph: i.e. selection of sheets and annual definition of priorities of files (themes) that will be the object of a call for contributions. It is possible to participate by sending sheets or even by accepting responsibility for a file.

Regular or occasional contributors can participate in the work of improving tools and methods on a voluntary basis.


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